Waiheke Island’s Needs in the News

Below is a growing list of links to news stories. Waiheke has a reputation as Auckland’s Jewel in the Crown, actively promoted by Auckland Tourism and Tourism NZ as a playground for the rich and famous with the requisite beautiful couple sitting outside with glasses of wine and the seascape in the background. While this is real for the comfortable class, the reality is – as with many places suffering from social and economic polarisation – that Waiheke has a disproportionate number of vulnerable citizens who do not make the news or if they do, it is soon forgotten. This list will grow as new stories are published and old ones found.

Time to take back control


Low income data smashes myth of wealth on Waiheke Island


Surge in addicts prompts Waiheke’s war on P


Waiheke community housing project tackles obstacles

ROSE DAVIS 14:52, May 10 2018


Charity to set 1500 stoat traps on Waiheke Island

RNZ 5:50 pm on 17 February 2020


Waiheke Island budgeting service refutes rich reputation

ROSE DAVIS 17:42, May 11 2018


New team cooks for Waiheke Island’s sick residents