Trust Waiheke is the fund manager

With so many Waiheke charitable, volunteer and good-deed organisations, it does not need another service provider. Lacking is a source of funding that does not keep going to the same benefactors asking for another handout. Rather, it needs to establish a donated fund that invests the donation in inflation-protected investments, and gives out the income, but does not eat into the endowment.

Waiheke has some very wealthy part-time land owners who have selected Waiheke because of its qualities. Trust Waiheke will ask them for endowments – a one-time ask, the gift that keeps giving. It will then invest those funds in the sort of high return that is available to sophisticated investors.

One of these investments is in affordable housing. At the bottom end of the social scale, the hidden homeless are living in cars, tents, sheds, garages and over crowded conditions. Unlike the target audience served by groups like the Salvation Army, the hidden homeless don’t need wrap-around services of mental health, addiction treatment, etc., they need what the NZ Human Rights Commission calls adequate housing. They already have a private support network – whanau, family or friends offering their land to park what is called a mobile home. In most cases, the rent is paid by the social services department. But because the units cost so little to manufacture, this rent enables a program called Lease to Purchase. At the end of six years rent, the beneficiary has the option to buy the unit for a peppercorn price.   The fund would provide the investment capital to manufacture the unit, and would receive a 10% ROI for the period. Principal would be rolled over so it becomes a perpetual affordable housing fund, while 10% income is then retained by the Fund and distributed to the Waiheke projects. To be clear, the lessees are nation-wide, but the net income distribution is limited to Waiheke.

The investment plan is not limited to mobile homes, but at this point, it is a win-win, thus is explained in more detail below.



The Investment of Funds

Conservative and beneficial

A win-win investment that helps NZ’s most vulnerable while funding Waiheke’s Community Needs

Manufactured Mobile trailer Homes